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Welcome Letter from the Registrar

Thank you for your interest in our school. My aim is to make the admissions process as painless and trouble free as possible, so please do comment on any aspect you feel needs improvement.

Each year, as we start procedures for the forthcoming academic intake, we receive many more applications than we have vacancies for at school. Whilst we wish to accommodate all families that are relocating to Taiwan, regretfully this is not possible given the finite number of places in each class. 

We operate a ‘rolling registration’ throughout the year, so there is no deadline for the submission of applications. Instructions on how to apply and the relevant documents required are listed on Page 1 of the school's application form – just choose a language and submit the form to me at the address shown on Page 1. We will acknowledge receipt of your documents within three to five days and let you know what to do next.

Please note that we cannot proceed in the process without a copy of a valid foreign passport and the previous school reports as requested. If you cannot submit a Taiwan ARC (resident’s card) immediately, this can be provided at a later date, but enrolment cannot be formally completed without it.

Information about the curricula of the different school sections, as well as the FAQs in the Admissions section of the website may be of particular interest to you at this stage. However, if there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at: or by telephoning: (02) 8145-9007 Ext. 1115.

Fees are listed within the Application and may need further explanation – my team is happy to help you understand the rationale behind the fees structure. We are an independent school and the British & High School Sections do not offer any financial assistance, or subsidise or assist places, for students or potential students. There are a limited number of assisted places for French and German citizens in their respective sections of the Taipei European School and further information is available from the Institutes of those countries’ representatives here in Taipei.

Once your children are settled in school, do stay in touch or drop in! We are always available and appreciate any news you would wish to convey.

Welcome to Taipei!

David Reynoldson 
Taipei European School