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Student Admission Criteria – What Should I Provide?
·         A completed Application Form.
·         A copy of the student's foreign passport.
·         The student’s most recent school reports, in English.
·         Two passport-sized photos of the student.
·         A letter (or letters) of recommendation may be requested for applicants to the British Secondary or the High School.
·         A successful English Language assessment (date to be confirmed by the Registrar's Office after receipt of the Application).
·         In the case of applications for a place in the Nursery, all children are expected to come in for a 'tryout session', which lasts for 75 minutes. Parents need to attend this trial session, as the Nursery staff use it as an opportunity to talk to the parents.
·         Evidence of the student’s legal residency, i.e. 60-day visa or Alien Resident Certificate (A.R.C ). The school may allow for this to be provided later.