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Welcome from Chair of Board of Directors

Welcome to Taipei European School! My first encounter with Taipei European School students was over twenty years ago. As the then Vice President of the Taiwan Red Cross Society, I received a donation from the British School towards Let Love Overcome All Obstacles, a fundraising campaign supporting mentally challenged children.

At the time of that visit, the school was indeed a fledgling. It had yet to establish its own campus and so the children sat squashed in the hallways of the Chientan Youth Centre to hear me talk about the Red Cross movement.
Looking back, I am so proud of how the school has developed. Joining TES in 1994 as Chairman of the European Schools Foundation, I have seen the school's campuses in WenLin Road and Yang Ming Shan flourish and grow into a unique and friendly environment for students from over fifty different countries worldwide. Due to the inspiring dedication of the administration and school community, and with help from the local Tienmou and Taipei governments, TES completed its third phase of expansion in 2007 – a primary campus with fantastic educational and sports facilities.
Taipei European School is one of a kind, being the first school to have French, German and British curricula running parallel and intertwining. Being situated in Taiwan, TES allows students to also experience and embrace a culture and history outside of Europe, truly enabling them to think globally. TES is a model for the future and a great representation of the importance of common values and collaboration in a diverse international world.

Every year our school grows in numbers and every year new facilities and developments are made to ensure that our students receive the utmost excellence in International Education. The school not only nurtures the academic potential of its students, but also instils in them a sense of community, school spirit, compassion and cultural awareness. TES graduates go out into the world full of confidence in themselves and their ability. They reach all corners of the globe and pursue many different dreams, but they no doubt keep with them the invaluable lessons learned and friendships made at the European School in Taipei.  
Best Regards 

Dr. C.V. Chen
S.J.D. (Harvard Law School 1972)