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Acronyms at TES

ACC American Club in Taipei
ACCT American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei
AGM Annual General Meeting
AOS Activities Ordering System
AST American School in Taichung
BCCT British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei
BFT French Office in Taipei (Bureau française de Taipei)
BHSH British Secondary and High School Section
BI British Infants
BJ British Juniors
BOD Board of Governors
BOD Board of Directors
BOT British Office Taipei
BP British Primary Section
BS British Secondary
CAS Creativity, Action, Service
CATES Council of Administrators of Taiwan Expatriate Schools
CCIFT Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Taiwan
CEM Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring
CIS Council of International Schools
CLC Chinese Language and Culture
CLT Curriculum Leadership Team
COS Cafeteria Online System
CDP Continuing Professional Development
CSC Community Service Centre
DT Design and Technology
EAL English as an Additional Language
ECA Extra-Curriculum Activities
ECCT European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan
EETO European Economic and Trade Office
ELT Executive Leadership Team
EPC European Primary Campus
ESC European Secondary Campus
ESL English as a Second Language
EU European Union
FOBISIA Federation of British International Schools in Asia
FS French Section (Section française)
GS German Section (Deutsche Sektion)
HS High School Section
IA International Award
IB International Baccalaureate
IBDP International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
IBSH International Bilingual School at Hsinchu-Science-Park
ICRT International Community Radio Taipei
ICT Information Communication Technology
IT Information Technology
IDT International Day of Tolerance
IGCSE International General Certificate of Secondary Education
ISCMS International Schools Choral Music Society
ISIS I-Shou International School (Kaohsiung)
JAWS Job Alike Workshop
JV Junior Varsity (Year 11-12 Sports)
JVB Junior Varsity B Level (Year 9-10 Sports)
KAS Kashiung American School
KS1 Key Stage One
KS2 Key Stage Two
KS3 Key Stage Three
MAK Morrison Academy Kaohsiung
MAT Morrison Academy Taichung
MOE Ministry of Education
MOFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MS Middle School
MUN Model United Nations
NTU National Taiwan University
OER Operating Expenditure Request
PA Parent Association
PA Personal Assistant
PDE Professional Development and Enrichment Week
PE Physical Education
PLT Pastoral Leadership Team
PSC Parents Support Council
PSHE Personal Social Health Education
PSLT Primary Senior Leadership Team
PTA Parent Teacher Association
ROC Republic of China
SEAMC South East Asia Mathematics Competition
SEN Special Educational Needs
SSLT Secondary Senior Leadership Team
TAS Taipei American School
TCG Taipei City Government
TES Taipei European School
TESA Taipei European School Association
TESBOD Taipei European School Board of Directors
TESBOG Taipei European School Board of Governors
TISSA Taiwanese International School Sports Association
TOK Theory of Knowledge
UKMT United Kindom Mathematics Trust
WASC Western Association of Schools and Colleges
YMS Yang Ming Shan