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Transports and Buses
The bus service of the Taipei European School is outsourced to a local bus company or companies approved by the school. TES supervises service operations and reviews service contracts biannually. Service is provided every day that school is in session to all the major expatriate living areas throughout metropolitan Taipei. All bus drivers are qualified and each one is supported by a bus monitor on every trip.
The buses conform to all local regulations for transportation of school children. All passengers are covered by the school’s group insurance scheme.
Each bus has its route number clearly displayed.
Bus Route Download
Zone 2 Downtown 1
Zone 2 Downtown 2
Zone 2 Dazhi
Zone 2 Neihu
Zone 1 Wellington Heights
Zone 1 YMS & Palace Museum
Zone 1 Jian Tan
Zone 1 Tian Mou 1
Zone 1 Shi Pai & Tian Mou
Zone 2 101 Area
Bus Charter Download
Bus Charter
Policy Download
Current school policy for bus services 1.01