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Welcome to the Libraries of Taipei European School!

Our school Libraries serve the educational, informational and recreational needs of all students within our diverse and multicultural community. Our vision is to inspire the spirit of exploration, the joy of reading and the pursuit of knowledge for all students, beginning with the very young.

As a cornerstone of TES, our Libraries connect students from the German, French and British Sections and we proudly promote and enrich the social, cultural and educational life of our diverse and evolving community.
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The European Primary Campus (EPC) Library is divided into infant and junior areas and contains books adapted to different ages and reading abilities in four languages – English, French, German and Chinese. This bright and spacious area provides, not only a wonderful reading environment, but also a key room for resource expansion.

The Audio-Video room and two listening centres allow students to discover the world of knowledge via different media. The dedicated classroom area on the second floor allows for continued research and learning to take place, with research materials available at students' fingertips.
The Primary Library encourages pupils to become student librarians and support our school by working in the Library. Their role is to help the librarians process new arrivals, shelve books, help other students find what they are looking for and return resources. This position enables our students to develop their knowledge, skills and personal qualities in a real life context.
In order to integrate primary and secondary library databases and make them accessible to every TES member from anywhere, anytime, the Library operates the web-based Oliver! System. Olly! is the interface for younger children provided by Oliver!. It is an animated interface with bright images, logos and innovative search techniques designed to maintain interest and cater for younger students.
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Guide to Primary Library Services
Primary Library Team

Chief Librarian: Angela Chang
Librarian: Emma Crofts
Library Assistant: Marina Geudmadingar
Tel: +886-2-8145-9007 Ext. 1191 / 1192
Secondary and High School Library
The libraries at the Secondary campus utilise 17,000 resources available for academic research, as well as the enjoyment of the students.
Fiction Library 
Due to the popularity and ever-expanding nature of our fiction collection, we have set up an independent and homelike space in the Phase 1 building especially for our fiction readers. All the English, French, German and Chinese books in the Fiction Library are sorted by genre and language.

The Fiction Library welcomes all students to its peaceful surroundings, every school day from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.
Research Library 
 To support Secondary and High School students’ study needs, the Research Library, located on the fourth floor of the High School building (Phase 2), provides not only a collection of books in all disciplines, but also many valuable databases, Internet access, an extensive range magazine titles, videos, DVDs, and a great environment for students who wish to find a stimulating space for their studies.
Web-based library catalogue

In order to integrate primary and secondary library databases and make it accessible to every TES member from anywhere, anytime, the LRC has upgraded our library system from window-based Alice to web-based Oliver!
The Research Library encourages and supports both leisure reading and academic studies every school day from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.
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Guide to Secondary and High School Library Services
If you have any questions about our Libraries or our programmes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Secondary and High School Library Team
Chief Librarian: Angela Chang
Library Assistant: Claudine Rouhaud
Library Assistant: Elisabeth Cha
Tel: +886-2-8145-9007 Ext. 2191 / 2192