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Q & A 
When should I order school meals?
Next month’s meals can be ordered online between the 10th and 20th of every month.
How do I log in?
Log in to TESmile using your login ID and password. The login ID is your family contact email e.g., which will be provided by the Student Services Department, along with the password (the family code). After entering into your TESmile account, you will see the navigation menu on the left hand side. Click ‘My COS/AOS’ for lunch ordering.
Why do my children need to use smart cards?
Smart cards save a lot of time when several hundred students are all lined up for lunch at the same time. Smart cards also instantly show us what meals parents have ordered for their children.
Price/ Payment
What is the price of a school meal?
Each meal currently costs NT$ 145.
How is the meal price calculated?
We are aware that lunchboxes can be procured at a significantly cheaper price than our lunches. However, the price of those lunchboxes does not include the staffing cost, utility costs, administration costs, etc. that TES has to add to the meal price. Moreover, we also serve desserts and side dishes, as well as the main course.
Is the food hygienically prepared and transported?
TES takes the issue of hygiene very seriously and we believe China Pacific Catering Services, our current provider, which prepares food for major international airlines including Cathay Pacific, is second to none in this respect. This is one of the reasons why we have stayed with them for some years now. 
How much money do I need to transfer into the system?
You can choose to pay monthly according to your order or simply transfer money for the whole semester or school year.
For 2016-2017:
1st semester (100 days): NT$ 14,500 (from August 15 to January 26)
2nd semester (80 days): NT$ 11,600 (from January 27 to June 14)

For the French Section, this amount is slightly less owing to different holidays.
What kinds of payment can I make through
Cash transfer only. Money will be deducted from your family account when you place an order through the computer system. Parents will be given one unique ATM transfer family account number: 017 (Mega bank)-813xxxxxxxxxxx (14 digits in total). The system will deduct the money (NT$ 145 for every meal) when you submit your order and the transaction is complete.
When do I need to inform the Cafeteria Supervisor that my children will be absent on a particular date in order to get a refund?
Seven days advance notification is required by our catering company. The TES cafeteria service needs to give our catering company, China Pacific Catering Services (CPCS), a week’s notice of cancellation, thus we cannot refund parents for meals not taken. CPCS uses predominantly fresh ingredients in their food and has to order them well in advance; therefore, they also have limitations on how late they can allow cancellation.
Does the school send an order reminder to parents?
Yes, we send out order reminders by email every month on the 10th (or on the Friday before a holiday).
Does TES have a refund policy if we leave before the end of a semester?
Please refer to the refund voucher on the computer AOS/COS system and apply for a refund for the period when your children will not be at TES. After the application-related forms are sent to the Accounting Department, a cash cheque will be issued and sent to you within seven working days. (You will need to log into AOS/COS, click on ‘My account’ and the Refund Application Form will be the third choice.)
How do I change my contact email address?
Please send your correct email address, noting your child’s full name and year group, to one of the following people:
EPC (Primary Campus):
ESC (Secondary Campus):
 Who can I contact if I have ECA related questions?
EPC (Primary Campus):
Payment-related problems:
What are the dates of the 2016-2017 school year?
The 1st semester starts on August 15 and will run until January 26, 2016.
The second semester starts on January 27. The last school day of the 2016/17 academic year will be June 14, 2017.