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Every year the Educational Services’ ECA department works with faculty teachers and specialist teachers/coaches/instructors to provide a wide array of after school activities for the children of the infant and junior age groups to participate in. These ECAs are offered to children across all three sections: British Section, French Section, and German Section.

These programmes are designed to provide opportunities for the children to try out new activities or develop existing skills and learning in existing fields of interest. The various ECAs cover such areas as: arts and craft, dance, music, sport, language, general interest hobbies, academic skills and local culture.


To see the full list for the coming academic year 2015-16, please open the “ECA Annual Schedule” brochure attached below.


Many of these activities are very popular and consequently over-subscribed. We will try to ensure that each participant has a chance to take part in the activities they are interested in. However, this may not always be possible, and in such cases we will always make our best efforts to find a satisfactory result for everyone, taking into consideration the range and type of programmes suitable and available for each child.


Whilst there is no limit on the number of programmes your child may sign up for, in order to give each child an equal chance to enrol for at least 2 ECAs at junior level and 1 ECA at infant level, we have a quota system for the initial online enrolment stage. Enrolment takes place through the TESmile system which all parents are set up with accounts and can access online.


To see all the information on how to enroll your child onto the ECA programmes please refer to the “ECA Charter” attached below. It provides a full and in depth information on all the workings of the ECA programme.




If you have any questions not covered by the ECA Annual Schedule brochure or the ECA Charter, please contact the ECA department, located next to the Student services office.


Miss. Charlotte Liu, Educational Services Assistant Secretary, ext. 1850


Ms. Isabelle Rajnfeld, EPC Specialist ECA Coordinator, ext. 1820