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Educationally, the most interesting aspect of TES is the dual approach of retaining the respective national curricula for ages 3 to 14 years, yet creating opportunities for collaboration in certain subjects, such as physical education; music; art and some language instruction. These integrated lessons are in line with the mission of the school, which is to “provide educational excellence and European culture and values within the context of Taiwanese society". By mixing students from the German, British and French sections at appropriate times, including for certain lessons, breaks, lunch and extra-curricular activities, the children learn to communicate and co-operate in an even broader multi-cultural and multi-lingual context.
The teaching of languages at TES is fundamental to the mission of the school. As well as English, French and German being the media of instruction for the respective national curricula, these languages are also taught as foreign languages across the school sections.
At secondary level, students can choose to study any of these three languages, as well as Spanish, as a foreign language. Where the need arises, for example in the High School, IGCSE and IB programmes, other languages may also be taught subject to demand.

The majority of students up until High School follow courses in Chinese (Mandarin) language and culture. Due to a mix of native and non-native speakers at various levels across the school, students are assigned to a specific class or set, regardless of which section they are in, facilitated by blocked timetables. This makes ability setting more effective and efficient. Once in the High School Section, students can choose to take Chinese at IGCSE and IB level. 
Historically, TES has attracted a number of children from families working for various Dutch and Belgian companies located in Taiwan. In order to facilitate the return to the Dutch and Belgian education systems once these children leave Taiwan, there is a programme of Dutch language and culture lessons for primary and secondary students at TES, focusing on aspects of the Dutch language curriculum, as recommended by the Dutch Ministry of Education. The lessons are taught by a fully qualified Dutch language teacher employed by TES. For more information please go to the Dutch Language Programme or contact the Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs Taipei at

The Dutch Language Education Foundation Taipei (Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in Taipei) is responsible for the Dutch language and culture programme. The programme is facilitated by the Dutch Ministry of Education, and receives advice and support from the Foundation for Dutch Education Abroad (Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland). Once every four years inspectors from the Ministry of Education visit Taiwan to inspect the organisation and teaching practices. 
Similarly, TES offers a Swedish language programme supported by the Swedish Ministry of Schools (Skolverket) and the Taipei Swedish School Association (Svemska Skolforeningen i Taipei).

In 2007, the French Section successfully opened its first French/English bilingual kindergarten class, offering a unique programme taught in French and English that provides children with a solid foundation in both languages. This was the first step in the development of a completely bilingual education that now spans from kindergarten to High School.