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Through world class curricula, Taipei European School cultivates lifelong learners and responsible global citizens who are ready to rise to the challenges of the future. We nurture independence, embrace diversity, and encourage all to 'do well by doing good'. We embrace holistic education programmes that value academic accomplishment while prioritising the social and emotional wellbeing of each learner.


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To be a flourishing, multilingual and multicultural community of lifelong learners that embraces independence, curiosity and empathy to make a positive difference in local, national and global environments.


   Unique Journeys

Beyond The Classroom: Wellbeing

   Embracing Diversity

Doing Well by Doing Good

10 Reasons Why TES

The benefits of joining TES


With 3 languages of instruction - 55 nationalities represented - we have diversity in our language, culture, ethnicity and experiences. These ensure our students understand more about the world around them with real empathy for its peoples.

Holistic Programmes


Opportunities for students to experience a vast array of activities, opportunities and discover their balance in school - beyond just the academic 

Community School

A central part of the international family life is engagement with the parent support groups - family friendships are forged through our shared TES experiences. 

Creative, Caring and Dynamic Teachers

TES attracts the best teachers from around the world, qualified and experienced in schools across the globe. Their creativity and passion is key to the opportunities our students receive.


Amazing IBDP results, French Baccalaureate results - our students go to top universities/colleges and take courses that fit their talent, interest and future goals.

Accreditations Across all Curriculums

The school and each section is fully accredited through national or international accreditation bodies.

First-Class Learning Facilities

With first-class buildings, classrooms, technology - the learning environment is designed to create positive engagement for the students in all they do.

Student Leadership

Building opportunities in all spheres for students to direct their own experiences and lead others in projects, activities and events.

Chinese Language and Culture Education

Based in Taiwan, the school takes great pride in the development of Chinese Language for the different levels of Chinese speaking students across all sections of the school. 


Open to all international students - TES is able to support gifted and talented students as well as provide curriculum language support and other learning support.

Meet Our Community



What I love most about TES is how student-driven it is. The voices of students are heard and students are encouraged to take risks and pursue their passions both inside and outside the classroom. This can be in the form of participating or leading CCAs, taking action to fight social injustices they care about or even taking initiative in improving school, to make it an even better learning environment. 




At school, I particularly appreciate the colourful mix of cultures, which enables me to make friends with people from all over the world.

In der Schule schätze ich besonders die bunte Mischung an Kulturen, die es mir ermöglicht, Freundschaften mit Menschen aus aller Welt zu schließen


Milva, Klasse 10


I enjoy working with our young athletes as it is very rewarding to see their progress.

Mr. Demetriou, British Primary Section PE Teacher

TES is a great school to teach at with wonderful students that love their PE lessons! Mr. Poulton, British Primary Section PE Teacher



School is a lot of fun. It inspires me to be more confident and brave.

EMILY, Year 2

The community feeling at TES is wonderful, everyone wants the best for the students and so it is an enjoyable environment to work in.
Alice L, Student Services

The students are super cute and so well behaved, they genuinely enjoy being at school and that makes me want to be here too.
Alice T, Student Services

In the library we can see the engagement of the children, they have a true love of reading and learning.
Miranda, Library Assistant



The school allows students to carry out their own educational project, which allows us to develop skills other than those developed in class.

L'école permet aux élèves de réaliser leur propre projet pédagogique cela nous permet de développer d'autres compétences que celles développées en cours.

MARGOT, Première



It’s a world-class learning environment filled with spirited students, talented teachers, and creative, cutting-edge classrooms. Taking a walk through the corridors, you will pass French, German and British Sections, but even more diversity can be found in the playgrounds as we blend together as one school. Conversations flow through a multitude of languages, but the smiles are universal. It is a welcoming and inclusive place that provides an exceptional platform from which to teach, learn and flourish. Mr. Stracey, French Primary Section - English Class teacher



I'm grateful for the friendships that I've made at TES. My classmates are from all over the world, and from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. The school has allowed me to learn so much from them, through co-curricular activities or just the simple classwork we do every day.


TES High School student
TES German High School student
TES French High School students
TES High School Student

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