Learn and Flourish

Our vision is for a school where the whole community - students, teachers, staff and parents - want to engage in lifelong learning. We focus on providing opportunities throughout the school for students to try out and to develop through academic study, co-curricular activities and other outside interests. With wellbeing a core aim our students can benefit socially, emotionally, physically and mentally from engagement in these activities.  This will prepare the ground for anyone to flourish as a learner. 


Learning at TES takes place through every interaction as students engage in a range of activities.  Through academic learning, sports and the arts we offer the opportunity to expand horizons, widen experiences, increase responsibility, and engage in creativity with curiosity.
The development of the whole person, socially, physically, mentally and emotionally, enables positive engagement in all areas of their life - with noticeable results pervading their academic accomplishments and life ambitions.


In order to Flourish we need to prepare the ground and to tend the needs of the learners.  We do this by providing many opportunities for all students allowing them to explore their potential in multiple endeavours.
Unique Journeys: Every student is unique and has diverse interests, talents, and desires.  Our faculty and staff across each section of the school are dedicated to enabling the students to take or even create opportunities to develop and take any and all interest further.
Beyond the Classroom: Wellbeing: We are justifiably proud of our positive approaches to health and physical, social, emotional and mental well-being.  With care and support all students and staff are able to perform at their best.
Embracing Diversity: With over 50 nationalities in our community, diversity in culture and language is part of our DNA, but diversity extends in many ways in an inclusive education philosophy and we embrace our differences and also feel unity in our community.
Do Well by Doing Good: Taking action to improve our environment, help improve other peoples lives, giving service to the community, or a few things we can t do to help locally, nationally and internationally. 

Future-Ready Community

Through the efforts across the school to Learn and Flourish, we are trying to enable the students to develop useful attributes which will assist them reach their potential, pursue excellence, be curious and take positive actions in the world around them.

Flourishing at TES

Unique Journeys

Beyond The Classroom: Wellbeing

Embracing Diversity

Doing Well by Doing Good