School Governance

Taipei European School is governed by the Taipei European School Foundation and the Board of Directors (BOD) is the governing body of the Taipei European School Foundation. The BOD consists of 9 Directors, of which 5 are current or former TES parents.

Role of the Board of Directors

The BOD’s role is to establish and supervise the execution of the school’s Vision and Strategic Plan, ensure the long-term financial stability of the school following the strategic goals, as well as to appoint the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TES.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the School is the highest level of authority within the School as such mandated by the BOD to manage the School in its entirety.

One School Concept

There are four sections, each with a Section Head, the British Primary Section, the British Secondary and High School Section, the French Section and the German Section. We are all part of the School and operate with common practices. 

Legal compliance to the rules and regulations/governmental departments of the host nation (Taiwan, R.O.C) form the primary basis of evaluation of policies for the School.

BOD Sub-Committees

The BOD appoints separate sub-committees in relation to the following areas of responsibility to support the school's operations:

  • Governance & Policy
  • Finance & Admissions
  • HR & Wellbeing
  • Facilities & Development

Love of Learning


Members of the TES Board of Directors

Dr. C.V. Chen (Chairman of the BOD)

Mr. Derrick Chan (Chairperson of the Finance Sub-Committee)

Mr. Mark Lintott  (Chairperson of the Facilities Sub-Committee)

Ms. Wendy Lin      (Chairperson of the HR & Well-being Sub-Committee)

Mr. Blacker Sia

Mr. Filip Grzegorzewski

Prof. Y.T. Liu

Mr. Freddie Höglund

Ms. Linda Hu