We welcome you to read a few words from parents from across the TES community; British, French, German section parents sharing the joy that their children have coming to school each day. We hope the things that inspired them will also inspire you and your children to come to TES to learn and flourish!

Hear from Parents from Across the TES Sections

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Boaz and Galit have a daughter in the High School Section

Noa was blessed with passionate and devoted teachers, a strong cohort of students, a healthy variety of extra-curricular experiences and challenges, and many opportunities to step out of one’s comfort zone and grow. We feel we could not have chosen better. 

We love being part of the French section and the wider TES community. The school gives our children the opportunity to learn in several different languages and benefit from a unique approach to education. Vive la TES!Karen, has 2 children in French Secondary Section

Wishing our children to grow up in an international and diverse environment, we find TES to be just the right place.

Its modern approach to teaching and global view on education allow our four children to flourish in an all-embracing community while personal creativity flows.

Emily, has 4 children in the British Primary Section