The TES Story

Why does Taipei European School exist?  The answer is a desire to help and a love for students.

A Few Words from Dr. C.V. Chen - Chairman of the Board of Directors

Looking back, I am so proud of how the school has developed. Joining TES in 1994 as Chair of the European Schools Foundation, I have seen the school's campuses in WenLin Road and Yang Ming Shan flourish and grow into a unique and friendly environment for students from fifty different countries worldwide. Due to the inspiring dedication of the administration and school community, and with help from the local TienMu and Taipei governments, TES completed its primary campus in 2007 offering fantastic educational and sports facilities. In 2020, a new building, at our secondary campus, was completed to further enhance the educational opportunities for our students.

Taipei European School is one of a kind, being the first school to have French, German and British curricula running parallel and intertwining. Being situated in Taiwan, TES allows students to also experience and embrace a culture and history outside of Europe, truly enabling them to think globally. TES is a model for the future and a great representation of the importance of common values and collaboration in a diverse international world.

The Story of Love

If people ask you:

What is the Taipei European School made of? 

Where did the TES campuses come from? 

How did all of this come about? 

The answer is simply: "Love".

TES 30th Anniversary Europe Day Celebration - May 2022

Phase 3 Grand Opening Ceremony

Primary Campus Opening Ceremony

Primary Campus Opening Ceremony

Ex-UK PM Visit - Margaret Thatcher