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Unique by design, the Taipei European School is distinctive for all the right reasons! As a non-profit organisation, all funds generated at the school are reinvested into supporting the school's further development of teaching and learning. We are a truly multi-cultural community where our students, parents and staff come to us from all across the world.

David Gatley, Head of School

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Guiding Statements

The Vision, Mission and Core Values of the school.

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Strategic Plan

The 5 core areas to achieve the guiding statements.

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The TES Story

The TES Story - how this unique school came to being.

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School Governance

The Board of Governors - lead the guiding statements.

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Explore our Campuses

Explore the two sites and our learning environments.

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Learn and Flourish

Opportunities for students to pursue learning and flourish outside of just academics.

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Culture and Community

We are a truly diverse school; European heritage, Chinese heritage, plus many more.

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Hear from some of the parents in the diverse TES community - contributing greatly.

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Intercultural Learning Environment

We offer five curricula in four languages, offering true diversity to students in our school. Students learn about other cultures as they share classes and build friendships, becoming interculturally aware and empathetic - ensuring a truly global mindset from the earliest age. The sections of the school nurture independence whilst embracing the benefits of interdependence that being 'one school' offers in providing the best facilities, equipment and professional development opportunities, amongst others.

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Amazing Student Experiences

One of the amazing things about the school is the diversity of experiences we are able to offer our students, not to mention staff and community. With holistic programmes set up in each section that challenge and stretch students - our students are able to develop their interests in a variety of areas.  They may be playing volleyball one day, playing in the orchestra the next, and participating in the Model United Nations the day after. We want students to be curious, engaged and lifelong learners.

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Passionate People

The people are the reason the school excels. We have an amazing faculty that bring their passion and experience from all corners of the world. The dedication of the staff is also a mark of how great our students are. They truly take pride in being their best selves in and out of class. Our staff, students and parents really do live and breathe the Community Values: Respect, Participation, Responsibility, Creativity and Perseverance. 

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School as a Village Rather Than a City

We pride ourselves on the personal knowledge and experience we have with each of our children and their families. We feel that this 'school as a village rather than a city' approach is best for our students, as we know each other and work together for the benefit of the entire community. Taiwan is a wonderful host and the families that come here are often reluctant to leave! Consequently, whilst TES does have an international school feel, we engage closely with our host city and country, giving a sense of belonging.

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