Professional Development

The mission of the school is to cultivate a community of lifelong learners and we start from within as the faculty and staff are always engaged in high-quality Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Consequently the faculty and staff are always working to take their skills and knowledge forward in order to provide an ever improving environment for the students to develop their own love of lifelong learning. 

Investing in Staff

At TES we invest in our staff of each Section of the school and believe that great schools look inwards first; we have significant expertise on staff and look to harness it at every opportunity.

Our comprehensive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) policy employs an active structured approach to identifying the development needs of individuals and particular staff groups, broken down into individual development needs, team/group development needs, and leadership team development needs.

Training in Core Areas for All Staff

A number of staff development activities are mandatory at Taipei European School, specifically those relating to Safeguarding of Children, Health and Safety Training, and First-Aid Training. In addition, all staff members can request funding for individual CPD by applying for a grant; a line manager can also recommend that their team members join function-specific training, seminars, or conferences.

Supporting Lifelong Learning

Overall, we are committed to continuous and dynamic development of our staff members’ skills, expertise, and abilities, which support the school’s vision and strategy, as well as their work and career related aspirations.

We aim to support our staff in their efforts to stay abreast of developments in their profession and to make their lifelong learning meaningful and creative.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

We actively support staff to continue their professional and personal development by encouraging further education, promoting from within TES where feasible, allowing staff time for personal and peer reflection and providing high quality professional development opportunities.

Leadership Training for Teachers

Staff Website Training - Inset Day  

Cross-Section Teacher Training 

Stress Management Course