Growing from a founding enrolment of 140 students in the early 1990s, TES is proud to be the educational home of and serve a flourishing global community of more than 1750 students today. What has allowed our community to grow and thrive are some of the reasons why you should consider joining…   

Unity in Diversity

At TES, we are a proud global community representing over 50 nationalities and 30 first languages. Diversity goes beyond one’s country and language, and valuing the greater individuality of each school member as part of the wider community demonstrates the unity of our diversity.

Inclusivity and Reach

We are a school that aims to be inclusive of and values the richness of a diverse group of learners, offering enrichment and support programs to expand access to the TES community.

A Unified Heritage

Founded over 30 years ago through the unification of British, French, and German schools in Taipei, TES is a testament to the power of compromise, collaboration and multiculturalism.

Global Faculty

Our teaching staff is as diverse as our student body, comprising experienced educators from across the globe, bringing diverse experiences and international perspectives into our classrooms.

Linguistic Excellence

Often referred to as a centre for linguistic excellence, TES provides an exceptional language education. Students study at least two languages formalised into the academic curricula, choosing from English, Chinese, French, and German.

A Place to Flourish

Above all else, TES is where students learn and flourish. We nurture their academic and personal growth, preparing them for a lifetime of success.

   Unique Journeys

Beyond The Classroom: Wellbeing

   Embracing Diversity

Doing Well by Doing Good