The Alumni Office aims to facilitate lifelong connections with graduates, faculty members, staff, parents and partners of the Taipei European School (TES) through a network of events, services and communications. Our graduates possess attributes that will carry them into the world and they come back to share knowledge with current students as well as maintain social ties with friends of their past.

TES Graduates

There are over 800 TES graduates across the world, that have passed through our French, German and British High Schools. But it is not only the students that graduate that comprise the alumni community, 1000's of students have joined TES for any number of years and take the memories of their TES life forward to their next schools.

Alumni Network - Sharing 

Our alumni community provides opportunities to build personal and professional networks across the globe where we can share experiences and expertise.

Every graduate will automatically become a member of our alumni community on graduation day. Do not worry if you have already left the school, it is easy to get reconnected with us! All you need to do is fill out the alumni registration form and submit it online. Join us now to get started.

Alumni Reunions

Events are organised in Taipei each year for recent and not-so recent alumni to join and reconnect. We also support alumni events around the world - 2019 saw a celebration event in Paris for the 30th anniversary of the French Section.

Kicking off 2024 - The High School Student Heads worked with a team of staff and other Student council members to run an Alumni event at the Secondary Campus enabling students to come back to the school and reconnect and reminisce as they went on campus tours with the existing students. A great turnout of alumni students who were in Taiwan for the new year.

Alumni Event 2024

TES Happy Alumni on January 2024 reunion event
TES Alumni selfie time at January 2024 event
TES Alumni Event January 2024
TES Alumni event January 2024
TES Alumni event 2024 Exam hall
TES Alumni Event 2024
TES Alumni Event January 2024
TES High School Student at Alumni event
TES Alumni event January 2024 visit to cafeteria
TES alumni event January 2024

Alumni Event 2024  

Alumni Social Evening 2022

Graduation Class of 2023

High School Graduation