The leadership team at Taipei European School is one which manages all the operational and educational decisions across the entire school, Primary and Secondary Campuses.

TES Leadership Team

The TES Leadership team consists of the Administration and Education side of the school - working together to meet the Strategic Plan, keep the school pursuing it's Vision, Mission and Core Values as the backbone of decision making for the continued advancement of the School. This includes ensuring there is consistency for policies and procedures for the smooth running of the school. 

Mr. John Nixon MBE

CEO of Taipei European School

Mr.Stewart Redden

Head of British Secondary & High School

Ms. Siobhain 

Head of British Primary Section

Mr. Benjamin Orillon

Head of French Section

Mr. Andreas Hilsbos

Head of German Section

Ms. Lillian Lin

Director of Operations

Ms. Peihsin Lai

Financial Controller


Mr. Kerry Nockolds

Director of Community Relations & Marketing

Mr. David Sinclair

Director of IT

Educational Leadership

Each Campus has an Educational Senior Leadership Team which is a cross-sectional group consisting of all the senior leaders of each section.

The Respective Section Heads, Deputy Heads, Assistant Heads - all of whom have varying responsibilities in their specific sections for ensuring the teaching and learning is working at full efficiency - work together to look at ways the children across sections can work together in activity/events to strengthen areas such as - cultural diversity, environmental protection, service and charity.


Events may vary across years, depending on issues taking place in the world, however some of the events that the children have taken part in together across the school, include: Peace Day, International Week, Chinese New Year, Book Day, School Shows and Concerts, Sports Days.