Meet the Section Leadership Teams

Meet the teams of teaching professionals that manage the academic side of each section, ensuring curriculum, assessment, and progress are all the best possible for the children of each section. 

Senior Academic Leadership Teams 

Each campus has a senior academic leadership team which consists of leaders of each section working together to make the respective campuses run seamlessly and always looking to work together to give opportunities for students to collaborate and celebrate together. Diversity offers many learning opportunities for the students at all ages.

British Primary Section Senior Academic Leadership Team

Ms. Siobhain Allum, Head, Mr. Craig Gamble, Assistant Head, Mr. Michael Norris, Assistant Head, Mr. Christopher Youles, Assistant Head.

Siobhain Allum - British Primary Section Head

British Secondary and High School Senior Academic Leadership Team

Mr. Stewart Redden, Head. Ms. Ann Laurette, Deputy Head. Ms. Leica Burley, Assistant Head. Mr. James Woodall, Assistant Head. Ms. Angela DeLuca, Assistant Head.

French Section Senior Academic Leadership Team

Mr. Benjamin Orillon, Head of Section, Ms. Juliette Kudlikowski, Primary Head. Mr. Franck Lefrevre, Deputy Head of Secondary.

Juliette Kudlikowski - French Primary Section Head

German Section Senior Academic Leadership Team

Mr. Adreas Hilsbos, Head of Section. Mr. Daniel Engler, Deputy Head. Mr. Matthias Hasse, Primary Director. Ms.Veronika Pfannkuch, Kindergarten Director

Andreas Hilsbos - German section Head

British Primary Reading Corner

British High School IB Art Class

French Secondary Team Achievement

German Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt