Explore Taiwan

Visiting Taiwan is a wonderful experience, but working in Taiwan is transformational. This little known island is a hidden gem! The people are welcoming and generous, the life is convenient and a lot of fun, and working in Taipei opens up the island for discovery! 

Taiwan - an Amazing Island

Taiwan is a semi-tropical island in East Asia, one of the world’s most exciting and rapidly changing regions.

Taiwan’s friendliness, clean air, safety, health care system, and the overall quality of life have helped put it above the likes of the USA, Australia, and Hong Kong as one of the best places in the world for expats to live. The people of Taiwan are extremely friendly, helpful, and interested in foreigners. The expatriate population is smaller than in some other Asian cities, but the community is close-knit and welcoming to newcomers.

Taipei - a Wonderful City

Taipei is a developed, vibrant city of around three million people. Described by the International Herald Tribune as the "world's most underrated capital city", it is not especially large by Asian standards and rather less congested and polluted than most other Asian cities. The city offers many opportunities for recreation, both sporting and cultural. It boasts many theatres, nightclubs, concert halls, museums, and temples, and it is therefore easy for people to enjoy an active social life. Taipei’s eateries, ranging from street stalls to Michelin-starred restaurants are a real culinary treat for foodies.  The mountains surrounding the city offer a quick and scenic get-away, and the rest of Taiwan and its surrounding islands are well worth exploring. As a country, Taiwan is also well situated for excursions to other attractive locations in South East Asia, such as Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Useful Information About Taiwan