Part of being a global citizen is having an understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Goal number 12 is for the whole world to have a more responsible approach to production and consumption and the Taipei City Goverment’s decision to phase out the use of single use plastic has inspired the students in Year 6 to help create a more sustainable future. 

The students have worked together to design reusable water bottles for sale to benefit an environmental charity. The students developed their inital drawings in their sketchbook before doing their final designs using digital software. The student designs were inputted into our school’s new state of the art vinyl cutter machine which produced the students' work as decal stickers. The students carefully applied the stickers to blank reusable water bottles. This was trickier that it sounds. For some designs the students had to patiently apply each part with tweezers. Each bottle is a unique collaborative work of art with at least two original decal designs. We are hoping to raise awareness and funds in support of a good cause.

The students in Year 6 held a vote to decide which charity to support. They chose E.A.S.T. The Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation campaigning for improvements for animals, people and the environment in Taiwan. E.A.S.T. is committed to the belief that human welfare is closely linked with animal welfare and environmental protection.  

The students are inviting you to fill out the TES ECO Bottles Order Form to register to buy a bottle today. Each unique bottle is 150 NT and 100% will go to support charity. There are a limited number of TES ECO Bottles so it is first come, first served.