The TES staff inset day in BPS had been planned a long time ago, we knew that although we have a great curriculum we could not sit still, what more could we do? 

I was tasked with considering suitable consultants to work with, it didn’t take long. Asking some colleagues across the world, in a range of settings, the same name continually cropped up  - Mary Myatt.  Comments such as ‘a breath of fresh air’,  she looks ‘at education from the perspective of people’, and that her work had led to ‘high quality discussion and reflection’ were all very encouraging.

As a school the next step was to order several of Mary’s books. These struck a chord and we were convinced she was the best person to work with. So, after several conversations, careful mapping and specially crafted workshops we were pleased to formulate a two day FOBISIA conference and welcome Mary Myatt as our keynote speaker.  In fact, I imagine with over 75 delegates then deciding to join from FOBISIA schools some of them had heard positive things too. It meant that all BPS staff, alongside our online guests, had the chance to listen about current thoughts from the UK, reflect on our individual and collective practice and be prepared to continue to improve moving forwards.

It will be exciting to see how this will affect things in the classroom over the coming months!