Europe Day is a celebration of peace between the countries of Europe. It is a commemoration of the day when Robert Schuman gave a speech on the 9th of May in 1950. In this speech, he laid out his vision for a peaceful Europe, founded on the ideals of cooperation and sharing resources. The speech became known as the ‘Schuman Declaration’ and it’s considered to be the basis of modern-day Europe. This is why Europe Day is celebrated every year on the 9th of May.

To celebrate Europe Day, we held a Tri-section Art Competition and Art Show in the atrium. The students were asked to create an artwork inspired by an European landmark. We wanted to bring a little piece of Europe to Taipei.

The competition judging for the French and German sections has been postponed a little bit. But we can now wish a huge congratulations to the winners in the British section.

Chloe - B2.2

Emma  - B3.3

Secunda - B4.4

J.T. -B6.3

Thank you to everyone who participated.