It is always great to report on success within our school and in conjunction with FOBISIA we have been able to compete and succeed against 127 teams from 10 countries in an international Minecraft tournament - achieving 1st Place!

Students from Year 5 & 6 have been working hard during CCAs and at home to build a Minecraft ‘Rube Goldberg Machine’. This nonsense machine was created with the intention of delivering a virtual ball from the Golf Tee of position to the Hole in the most engaging, elaborate and creative way possible. The students were able to showcase logical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and determination working in teams. The competition showcased the use of Redstone as an entry point for learners into electronic engineering.

Minecraft has become ubiquitous with our learners of all ages and being able to utilise this learning tool within the school has been something we have been developing during the academic year to great international success. 

A huge congratulations to the following students:

Alistair, Jun Ming, Joshua, Daniel and Lucas - All from Year 5

This success will be shared within the school and I am sure as a community you will join us all in congratulating these learners who clearly demonstrated all the characteristics of the BPS learner profile. Well done!