As a section we continually discuss and aim to live the notion that we as staff lead as learners. Our team is very well qualified and experienced and there are occasions when individual strengths are displayed and should be celebrated. This is one of those occasions. 

One of our EAL teachers, Ms. Joanna Szukala, has recently had her academic writing published, demonstrating that she is doing something with her education and we want to share this with you all. 

Around 2007, as a student of English Studies tasked with designing and researching a graduation project in contemporary British culture, she stumbled upon the then newly-coined term ‘chav’, which became the focus of her dissertation. As she has described herself, she then shifted attention away from subcultures and social class in the UK to the study of metropolis, and did not expect to ever return to the topic of ‘chavs’. However, in the summer of 2021 – after a long break from academic studies – she updated the original research and submitted her paper to an academic journal. Upon completion of a long and scrupulous process of a double-blind peer review, the following article discussing ‘chavs’ in the context of social class and cultural capital, was published in Acta Philologica – an interdisciplinary academic journal of the Faculty of Modern Languages at the University of Warsaw indexed by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science. Below is the link to this piece, enjoy!