The Peace Crane Project is inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki.  She believed that if you fold 1,000 cranes you would be granted a wish. After WWII, paper was in short supply in Japan. In order to assure she had enough paper to fold the 1,000 cranes, Sadako never used a piece of paper bigger than 7 CM square. And some cranes she folded were no bigger than a grain of rice! 

The Peace Crane Project held a Smallest Crane Contest this year. The challenge was to fold the smallest possible peace crane. Yumi W in year 6 won first place in her age category, 10 and under and she won first place overall! Even beating adults taking part in the international competition. She created the smallest crane in the whole contest. Well done Yumi.

As a winner, she will soon receive a copy of "The Complete Story of Sadako Sasaki," signed by the author.