In many school settings, we know that student achievement and engagement will flourish when students have more ownership of their school community and of their learning. To foster this in the British Primary Section we have in place a number of important student leadership positions. These are:

  • Head Students: Two Year 6 students are appointed to these positions based on an application process. They are the ‘face of the BPS’, serve as important role models and have a critical role to play in elevating the status of Student Voice in our section. We are in the process of considering all  applications from Year 6 children and hope to announce our two Head Students early next week.

  • Our Tribe Captains: These are appointed on an application basis from Year 5 and Year 6 children. There are two Tribe Captains per Tribe. Our “House system” has adopted well-known indigenous tribe names of Taiwan. Hence, we have the Rukai, Ami, Bunan and Paiwan Tribes representing our “House” names. All staff and students are allocated to a Tribe. Tribe captains serve as role-models for their tribe and assist in running Tribe events. Again, our Tribe Captains will be announced next week.

  • Our BPS Student Council: made-up of an elected student from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. These students attend weekly meetings with other student council members from across BPS; come-up with creative ways we can improve our school and support and grow our Student Voice in our school. We are happy to share with you our brand new BPS Student Council as follows. Congratulations to you all!