The students in their final year at the Taipei European Primary School have each created an artwork for an exhibition to celebrate and mark their transition toward secondary education. The students went through a long creative process of exploring personal ideas and experimenting with a wide range of art media. They evaluated their progress and refined their artwork in response to self reflection, peer discussion and teacher critique. The amazing variety of artwork on display reflects the diversity of interests and great imagination of these young artists.

The exhibition will be held at the National Taiwan Arts Education Center. The N.T.A.E.C is the national institute promoting art education and cultural development with the core idea of encouraging art appreciation in Taiwan. The Taipei European School is delighted to partner with the N.T.A.E.C. to stage our Graduate Art Exhibition this year. The student’s artwork will be on display from the 2nd of June until the 15th of June and the whole TES community is invited to enjoy the show.