Tuesday saw the musical life of the BPS take one more step towards normality in the wake of the necessary restrictions of recent times. It marked the first time in over three years that visiting aritists had been able to perform within the school building and we are delighted that the event was a major all-round success. Arturo Costa (Cello), Roberto Zayas (Guitar) and Chiao Ling Hsiao (Piano and Clarinet) presented a variety of music to children in the BPS from Y1-Y6, along with many of their counterparts in the French and German sections, in three sessions during the school day. They were ably introduced and compered by dancer, Billy Chang, whose athletic and elegant dance improvisations added an impressive level of visual excitement to the musical performances. While all the children volubly demonstrated how much they enjoyed what they saw and heard, the session for the Y1 and 2 children was particularly special as for many, if not all, of these students, it was their first opportunity to experience such an event in school. As if providing three concerts for children were not enough, the indefatigable musicians went on to give an extremely well-received after school concert which parents were able to attend. Like the children, the parents were also wowed by Billy Chang’s expressive and energetic dancing. It will probably be a long time before the tiered seating in the Amphitheatre is once again used for such gymnastic purposes! On a serious note, while we are very pleased that the children enjoyed the events, we very much hope that finally being exposed to live music will inspire more young people to take up instruments as the past years have not always been particularly conducive to running, or taking part in, instrumental teaching programmes. Now that we are on a much more normal footing, we hope that live music performances from outstanding musicians will become a regular part of a rich musical life for the whole BPS community and that this will encourage more of our young people to get involved, and stay, involved, with instrumental music.