At TES, we endeavour to enrich students' Chinese learning experiences beyond the classroom by providing them with opportunities to showcase their linguistic talents and Chinese language skills. For this reason, we were excited to take part in the 1st Online Chinese Language Festival hosted by the English Schools Foundation (ESF), the Education University of Hong Kong and China International Education. The event aims to promote Chinese language and culture education by providing a platform for students worldwide to demonstrate their interest and talents in using the Chinese language to create, present, and communicate with others.  

We are proud to say that TES students performed extremely well. Overall, we were named as an Outstanding School. Individually, 182 TES students received an award in categories such as storytelling, composition, poetry recitation, traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. Eight students were named as the Champion within their category. Seven ESC Chinese teachers were also recognised with an  Excellent Teacher Award. 

It was wonderful that both Chinese-background students and non-heritage students were strongly represented in the competition and within our award winners. Chinese Language and Culture is truly a valuable and integral part of a TES education.