On Wednesday evening,  H3 Film students were lucky enough to attend the opening ceremony and film of the Taiwan European Film Festival (www.teff.tw). The students, along with members of the various European Trade and Cultural Offices in Taipei, gathered at Huashan Creative Arts Park to watch the 2019 Slovakian drama, 'Let There Be Light'. Despite its somewhat bleak themes, the film met with a generally positive reaction, and students were able to follow up with some discussion about techniques used and the socio-political context of the film.

The DP film course aims to develop students as proficient interpreters and makers of film texts. Through the study and analysis of film texts and practical exercises in film production, the film course develops students’ critical abilities and their appreciation of artistic, cultural, historical, and global perspectives in film. Students examine film concepts, theories, practices and ideas from multiple perspectives, challenging their personal viewpoints and biases to understand and value those of others.

DP film students experiment with film and multimedia technology, acquiring the skills and creative competencies required to communicate through the language of the medium successfully. They develop an artistic voice and learn to express personal perspectives through film.