We are very proud to announce that the British Secondary and High School has received the Secondary Geography Quality Mark, acknowledging us as a Geography Centre of Excellence from the Geography Association. The Geography Quality Marks are prestigious awards that recognise and promote quality and progress in Geography leadership, curriculum development and learning and teaching in schools. 

In the BSHS, Key Stage Three students all study Individuals, Societies and Environmental Studies (ISE), which combines the disciplines of Geography, History, Economics and some aspects of Business Studies. In High School, Geography is an IGCSE and IBDP elective. However, across all key stages, Geography has the same goal; for students to broaden their understanding of the world on a local, regional and global scale through studying physical and human geography and the connection between the two. 

In reviewing the BSHS Geography programme, the Geography Association were particularly impressed by the focus on both the local area and current global issues, the plethora of resources available to students, the emphasis on literacy by supporting students to develop their vocabulary and writing skills, and the connections between the Geography programme and wider TES. 

Congratulations to Mr Richard Hughes, Geography Subject Leader, and all of the teachers in the Individuals, Societies and the Environment (ISE) department who contribute to the excellent Geography education of TES students.