UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge 2021

In November, 24 students from H1 to H4 took part in the UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge. This contest, designed to challenge and extend high-attaining mathematicians, is a well-known and well-respected competition, and many of our students are regularly awarded certificates for their achievements. The questions are attempted without a calculator and get students to think more deeply about novel mathematical problems. 

Notably, Brian and Mason qualified for the British Mathematical Olympiad, which is an exceptional achievement. They are now waiting for their results. Well done to all students who put themselves forward for the competition. 


Gold: Mason, Brian

Silver: Yi, Mary

Bronze: Veronica 


Gold: Brian, Rick

Silver: Boris, Mia, Allycia, Martin, Terry, Alexandra, Diti, Angelina, Cecilia, Chante

Bronze: Sarah, Kimberly


Gold - Jaewon

Silver: Henry 

Bronze: Takeru, Wesley   


British Mathematical Olympiad

Congratulations to Philip in Year 7, for his performance in the British Mathematical Olympiad. Philip qualified following his outstanding performance in the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge, in which he was awarded a gold certificate. In the second round, the Olympiad,  his exceptional performance earned him a medal. His success is an inspiration to all students at TES who take part in mathematics competitions. We wish him every success in future challenges.