This week, it is our pleasure to introduce Mr Andrew Morris and Mr Terrence Vuu. Mr Morris and Mr Vuu joined TES in August. They are currently teaching their classes via Zoom from Hong Kong as we await the Taiwan border reopening. 

Mr Andrew Morris

Mr Morris joins the Science Department as a Biology specialist. He has extensive experience teaching in the UK and Hong Kong and is an IB examiner.  He became a teacher as he loves to share his passion and enthusiasm for Science and to help young people see how Science is relevant to their lives. As well as guiding students to good grades, he hopes that all students in his classes will develop an appreciation of our shared environment and an understanding of their bodies. 

Reflecting on his career, Mr Morris shared that, “When I started teaching, my school had one computer for the whole school. Now all students and staff have a much more powerful device at their fingertips, and it’s important to be able to use technology in a balanced way to enhance learning”. 

Mr Morris is a firm believer in the educational benefit of experiential learning outside of the classroom. He has led expeditions all over the world including Cuba, Fiji, China, and Indonesia, and has climbed Mt Kinabalu (SE Asia’s highest mountain) with students 10 times. 

Outside of teaching, Mr Morris loves hiking, scuba diving and badminton. He is looking forward to discovering Taiwan’s great trails and doing some diving. Once he explores Taipei, he is keen to visit Green Island. 

Mr Terrence Vuu

Mr Vuu is teaching Mathematics, Computing and DELTA. He has studied in Canada and Hong Kong and has also taught in both countries. 

Mr Vuu sees one of the most important roles as a teacher as instilling resilience - the ability to bounce back after a setback or failure. He reflected, “I understand how easy it is for students to become discouraged and frustrated by the obstacles they encounter in their education. I support students in facing these obstacles head-on. I consistently demonstrate a growth mindset in the classroom by providing students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of skills”.  

Mr Vuu is passionate about holistic education and is as dedicated to helping his students develop compassion and a sense of social justice as he is about equipping them with mathematical confidence and computer skills. Some of his most powerful professional moments have come from spearheading the LGBTQ Alliance at his previous school. He is passionate about ensuring that all students know that they have a voice and support within the school community and beyond. 

Outside of school, Mr Vuu is dedicated to giving back to his community (which you can read more about here) and he also loves hiking, biking and the great outdoors.