It is our pleasure to introduce Mr John Chin, who joined the British Secondary and High School in August. Mr Chin is our new Tech for Learning Integrator and also teaches Key Stage 3 DELTA and Computing. 

In describing what it means to be a Tech for Learning Integrator, Mr Chin explains that his day primarily consists of meeting with teachers to discuss how they use technology in their teaching, and visiting lessons to see learning in action. He sees effective use of technology as a partnership. “It’s not about me instructing people to do it my way. It’s about understanding what teachers and students want to achieve and then helping them to find a way to make that possible”, he explained. 

Mr Chin originally studied Industrial Design and took two opportunities to study abroad during this time, firstly in Mexico and Spain, and later in Sweden.  He credits these experiences - seeing the contrast with  Atlanta, Georgia - as life-defining moments that helped him to become more open-minded and always consider other perspectives.  After working at a computing Summer Camp, Mr Chin took on a teaching role for one year. He loved the experience so much that he decided to pursue a Masters International Education through Framingham State University. Mr Chin taught in Mexico, Curacao, Taiwan, South Korea and Paraguay before coming back to Taiwan to take up this new position.

As well as meeting students and staff and getting to know more about TES, Mr Chin has enjoyed getting to know Taipei. Outside of work, Mr Chin loves sports (especially football), running around with his kids and relaxing with a good TV series. 

Mr Chin brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and new ideas, and we are so pleased he has joined our TES community.