In today’s edition of the BSHS Staff Spotlight, we would like to introduce Ms Apolina Lin. Ms Lin joins the Chinese Language and Culture Department with a decade of experience as an educator of Chinese Literature and a researcher specialising in the Chinese curriculum. 

She likes to explore the world and to understand and share different perspectives. Some highlights of her career include conducting research and teaching the Chinese curriculum in Poland, Thailand and the Philippines and her time lecturing. Her lecturing role saw her participate in Chinese teaching professional development held in various overseas Chinese schools in the U.S. and Canada through the Overseas Community Affairs Council (Taiwan). She found it so enjoyable to have so many interactions with teachers who work in different countries.

When asked to describe herself as a teacher, Ms Lin reflected that she is self-motivated, enthusiastic, patient and passionate. She also shared that her main passion, and she gets the greatest sense of achievement though, is creating a learning environment that is both enjoyable and where students can academically flourish. 

Ms Lin enjoys physical activities such as jogging, swimming, yoga, mountain climbing, and cycling. She had a very enjoyable cycling trip around Taiwan in April.