In the final BSHS new staff spotlight, we are pleased to introduce Ms Sabrina Barre. Ms Barre teaches French in the MFL Department. She is a familiar face to many as she taught in the French Section for seven years, five years ago. 

Ms Barre trained as a French Literature teacher for French native speakers. Living in Taiwan has given her a variety of opportunities to extend her skills, which she has enjoyed as someone who loves to learn and challenge herself. As well as teaching French as a Foreign language, this has included working in other language-related roles such as a professional translator and a French tutor. A very unique experience has been working for Language Training and Testing Centre, which conducts the official French proficiency tests for Taiwanese learners. Ms Barre writes the reading and writing questions and has her voice recording for the speaking component of these tests.

Ms Barre’s son, who is eight, attends TES and Ms Barre loves that he has the opportunity to study English, French and Chinese. In her free time, Ms Barre loves to crochet and play the cello.