This week we celebrated Climate Day at the ESC with the theme, “How do my choices impact the world in which we live?”. We selected this theme because the day was not about trying to force students to change their habits or to make anyone feel guilty for their environmental impact, but it was about educating students so that they make informed choices. Students spent the morning exploring this question in relation to four key themes: Food; Energy and Water; Transportation; and Consumerism. 

Key Stage Three groups with students from the British, French and German sections, were given the afternoon to create a project of their choosing to showcase what they had learned. There was a range of interesting and worthwhile projects completed. The projects included a website of vegetarian and vegan recipes to show how eating less red meat can make a positive impact on the environment, infographics to help students learn more about their carbon footprint through daily choices around energy and transportation, a report into different energy sources, and proposals of small changes we could make at the ESC to be more environmentally friendly. 

After a lesson on the key features of documentaries, H1 and H3 students worked in small groups to make a micro-documentary. Each group selected their own focus and these ranged from highlighting the environmental benefits of choosing local produce over imported foods, the carbon footprint of the main transport options in Taipei, an explanation of how reducing meat consumption can positively impact the planet, and an exploration of the often overlooked topic of electronic waste. 

By the end of the day, it was clear that students had learned a lot and were really considering their everyday choices and how these choices impact the world in which we live.