“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates, Greek philosopher

This week sees the start of Assessing Wellbeing in Education (AWE) coaching conversations. The one-to-one coaching conversations allow students to examine how the year has gone for them. They are asked about their mental and physical wellbeing, what brings meaning and joy into their lives and celebrate what they have achieved.

Every student in the British Secondary and High School will be invited via Zoom to speak with one of the 20 trained coaches from the teaching staff. During this time of online learning, it is more essential than ever for students to be provided with the opportunity to unpack and understand their AWE results.

Current research suggests that we actually learn more about ourselves and make bigger improvements when we know what we are doing well. The old adage “we learn from our mistakes” may still be true to some extent, but we learn far more when we are achieving. Knowing how and what is going well promotes positive emotions and motivates engagement and learning. The focus of this round of AWE conversations is to help draw out the positives and ask future-focused questions to help students see their potential - socially, emotionally, academically, and physically.

To understand more about how we learn best through our achievements click on the link and read about Angela Duckworth’s article, ‘Oops! Why you don’t learn from failure’.