Have you ever found yourself wanting to share your Science talent with the world but were unsure of the platform through which to do so? Our Key Stage three students found an answer this week! 

This year's FOBISIA Science Championships ran over three days, from Tuesday 16 November to Thursday 18 November 2021. The competition covered a range of science concepts within the themes of Innovation, Sustainability and Technology.  

This fun celebration of Science learning is also an engaging opportunity for international school students to engage, revise and learn Science content on the Education Perfect platform.  You can see in these photos that some of our students were so motivated that they spent their lunchtimes competing in this championship. 

The results were outstanding, with a total of 7 certificated awarded: 4 Gold, 1 Bronze and 2 Credit certificates. Congratulations to the participants who put forth their best effort to complete this year’s Science Championship. Their hard work and perseverance were evident, and we hope that they continue to empower themselves with knowledge, as they are part of the next generation of future scientists.