The BSHS Young Enterprise Club is a new CCA started this year to allow students to experience what it means to be an entrepreneur. They have spent the last month researching and developing business ideas stemming from gaps in the market, and learning how to successfully create a pitch deck. To create their successful pitch, and to be successful entrepreneurs, they've had to demonstrate creativity, open-mindedness and the willingness to be risk-takers.

Over the past two weeks, they've pitched their ideas to a panel of 'investors' and have received valuable feedback to improve their business models. Using this, their goal will be to earn as much profit as they can, as all profits will go to a meaningful charity of their choice in Taiwan. 


Here is a glimpse into the businesses: 


Human Body Board Game - This business has created an educational board game that directly links with the Taiwanese syllabus for Biology. They aimed to create a board game that helps younger students engage with Biology to help improve their understanding. The charity they have chosen to donate their profits to is Teach for Taiwan.

KDP Stand - This business has designed and created functional and minimalistic laptop stands to help with the ergonomics of the school laptop. They aim to help students at TES use their laptops more efficiently and effectively for their learning. The charity they have chosen to donate their profits to is The Red Cross Society of Taiwan.

Bath Bombs - This business has researched and created bath bombs as they noticed this was a gap in the Taiwanese market. They aimed to create a variety of natural-smelling bath bombs that uses ingredients that can help improve skin health. The charity they will donate their profits to will be decided by the customer who purchases the most bath bombs next term.


Their selling period will begin next term, so keep an eye out for these young budding entrepreneurs!