On October 22, BSHS H1 students visited the primary campus to celebrate an annual tradition: delivering bespoke Halloween Hats to Year 1 students. Every October, Year 1 students design their own Halloween hats. The creative (and often adorable!) hat specs are sent to H1 Mathematics students, who are tasked with making these designs come to life. 

H1 students quickly learn that making a cone-shaped hat with a brim is no trivial matter! To make a hat that will fit, they must use their knowledge of the Pythagorean theorem, circle sectors, and the geometry of cones. The open-ended, independent Halloween Hats activity requires patience, planning, mathematical understanding, teamwork, and creativity.

The second part of the Halloween Hats activity happens when the high school students deliver their creations to the Y1 students. After the hats are presented, inspected, and then worn, the high school students partner with their new Year 1 friends to do a fun Quizizz and to create googly-eyed autographed hand spiders. 

This fun educational activity is always one of the year’s highlights for both young and old(er) students!