It is Individuals, Societies and the Environment (ISE) Week in the BSHS, exploring the theme of the Globalised World. The week included a range of excellent learning opportunities for students, some of which were held during ISE lessons and some at lunchtime. 

In the High School, we welcomed keynote speaker Philip Fernbach, a cognitive scientist, author and professor of marketing at the University of Colorado Boulder. In his Zoom session, he introduced students to the key themes of his book “The Knowledge Illusion”, where he argues that we survive and thrive despite our mental shortcomings because we live in a rich community of knowledge. 

A series of fun lunchtime quizzes were held where students were tested on their Geography knowledge. Students competed in House teams, earning valuable points for their respective Houses. The House Captains did a fantastic job of hosting these quizzes. 

In Key Stage Three ISE lessons, students focused on a range of current world issues and also reflected on the importance of Remembrance Day. A group of Year 9 students - India, Oscar, Kay’ien, Emilia, Seena, Emily, Jude and Alston - delivered an activity in Year 7 lessons about Afghanistan and the rights of Women and Girls.

H4 Economics students participated in a debate on the motion  “Free and unrestricted global trade will, in the long run, benefit the planet and its people”. It was wonderful to see the six debaters speaking with such confidence and insight, and also the ‘point of information’ contributions from audience members. 

H2 Business students ran a lunchtime Marketplace. In small groups, they were tasked with making a product from recycled materials and then selling their products, with the profits being donated to charity. The products ranged from potted plants to bookmarks. 

Students also had the opportunity to enter a photography competition on the theme of Globalisation. The entries demonstrated the breadth of the theme and certainly showcased our students’ creativity. We look forward to announcing the winners of this competition. 

The ideas that were generated this week will help students in the ISE studies, but also in the way that they think about the world around them.