Last year, TES subscribed to Education Perfect, an online platform for Modern Foreign Languages where teachers can assign fun and engaging learning tasks. Students can also select topics of their own choice for revision or extension work in their own time. The feedback received from students has been very positive. 

An exciting extension to this learning content is the Education Perfect competitions. Over the past week, TES students competed with students worldwide in the languages competition. The students’ effort and achievements are very impressive. Our students correctly answered nearly 200,000 questions, earning nearly 100,000 points. Overall, TES placed 7th out of the FOBISIA schools and 104th out of 1894 schools worldwide.     

54 students qualified for individual awards, ranging from Emerald to Credit. Special congratulations to Keira and Anna who earned over 5,000 points each and will receive an Emerald Award, and to Adeline and Allison who earned over 3000 points each to qualify for a Gold Award. 

Our students have put TES on the map of language learning by showcasing their extensive knowledge in 13 languages. Teachers from the Modern Foreign Language department are all very proud and thank all of the students for showing so much enthusiasm for languages.