The past six months have been particularly successful for Mathematics in the British Secondary and High School. 

Students participated in the UKMT Junior Mathematics Challenge and the Canadian Gauss Contests. These competitions encourage innovative and creative thinking to solve novel problems in mathematics. 

A group of students entered the UKMT Junior Challenge when they were in Year 6. They were particularly successful as the level of the challenge is aimed at Year 7 and Year 8. A special mention goes to Philip and Jeff who, upon receiving a gold certificate, qualified for the British Mathematical Olympiad where they were both awarded Distinctions. 

You can find more information about the UKMT Junior Challenge here, and details of the Canadian Gauss Contests here.

Congratulations to all of the TES participants, and special congratulations to the award winners who are listed below.

UKMT Junior Challenge:

Year 7

Gold: Barron, Ethan, Philip, Jeff.

Silver: Alec, Sofie. 

Bronze: Aya, Joanne, Aaron, Karissa, Dannis. 

Year 8

Gold: Queenie, Nina, Wilson, Tristan, Felicia, Corrine, Watson. 

Silver: Max, Meyou, Emily, Helio, Kyne. 

Bronze: Charlotte, Hayden, Annabel. 

Year 9

Gold: Bo Jeng, Joanne, Alston, Sean, Emily, Senaapathy.

Silver: Audrey, Vera, Ferdinand, Dennis, Emir, Harry, Jing, Jude, Ryan, Preet, Ann, Nina. 

Bronze: Winnie, Audrey, Victor. 

British Mathematical Olympiad – Year 7:

Distinction: Jeff, Phillip.

Gauss Canadian Contests – Students with Distinction:

Year 8: Wilson, Tristan, Corrine. 

Year 9: Audrey, Dennis, Ryan, Joshua, Kay’ien, Jeannie, Celeste, 

H1: Jason, Emma, Henri, Steve, Nafeesa, Meredith, Coco.