The University and Careers Counselling (UCC) Department has continued to host university and college sessions for BSHS students. These serve a dual purpose; for students to be exposed to different institutions and for universities to get to know TES and our students. 

In our conversations with admissions officers, it is clear that they appreciate discovering what our students are doing and the kinds of programmes we have on offer. Many of these admissions officers are the same people who will read our students’ university applications, and they love to connect an application with someone they’ve spoken to in the past. Therefore, it is important for students to attend these sessions to demonstrate interest. 

Despite most of our events being held virtually this year, the UCC and university admissions officers are working closely to prepare valuable, engaging sessions for our students. Instead of the traditional visits where a university representative introduces the university, its programmes and the application process, we are organising more career-focused events and case studies on admissions. 

Last Friday, Boston University was with us virtually to showcase how selective admissions work in the US. The admissions officer presented a case study of two candidates and asked students who they would admit given their background, education, test scores, extracurricular activities and other personal qualities. The presentation was such a success that we will organise another one in the Spring and for all Secondary and High School parents. 

This past Tuesday, we also hosted an art portfolio workshop for our art students to know what art schools are looking for in a portfolio. Today, we hosted a session on healthcare professions in the US. Next month, there will be a session on athletic recruitment for universities. I encourage our student athletes to attend if they are interested in playing their favourite sport at the collegiate level. 

To see more of our events and university visits, please see the UCC calendar on the TES website. All of our events are open to High School students, and some events, such as the athletic recruitment session, are available to all Secondary and High School students.