The BSHS Core programme is truly an opportunity to learn and try new things. This week, one of those newfound skills has been outdoor cooking. 

Having the opportunity to try outdoor cooking has broadened my horizons and taught me one of the fundamental skills necessary for life, as well as allowing me to create new memories with my friends.  We made healthy chicken lettuce wraps; a simple enough dish, but every group put their own unique spin on it, creating an entirely new recipe seemingly influenced by different cultures. Some groups added bell peppers, cheese, and eggs, creating a fusion of Mexican and Chinese cuisine, while our group opted to add spicy instant noodles and parsley, giving it a more Korean twist. 

In the beginning, we made some ‘interesting’ choices when we put all the chicken, garlic, onion and mushrooms in at once, resulting in an overcrowded pot. Mr Harris and Mr Imbleau decided to intervene, suggesting that we take out half of the chicken so that it would cook more quickly and evenly. We made a few more mistakes, such as when the gas stove ran out of gas and it took us an inordinate amount of time to realize this which caused the water to go cold. 

These mistakes were an opportunity to learn and it all worked out in the end, with our bellies full of delicious food and our heads filled with happy memories that we will treasure forever. Of course, we also take away our newfound life skill of setting up an outdoor gas stove all by ourselves and cooking on an open flame - safely of course. 

A student reflection by Abigail Chang