Focus on Varsity Boys Basketball Team

Varsity Boys Basketball Team:  Iggy, Anderson, Shubh, Noah, Ethan, Chris, AK, Nicholas, George (Captain), Brian, Arsalan, Andrew

Interview with Coach Anthony Kelley (AK)

Q: How have you seen the Varsity team change from when you first had them in August till now?

A:I think the biggest change has been the shift from casual play to game time pace. My initial assessment of the players coming into the season is they haven’t been exposed to high levels of game play. So, a big part of my coaching approach with these specific athletes was to future develop players' urgency on the court. This practice follows up with lots of repetitive drill work, modeling pace, and recovery practices. This allows me as a coach to push players in Intensity during drill work, I model the technique, and set expectations. What’s also important is teaching players the importance of warm up, cool down, and Overall recovery practices. Players can’t be expected to elevate their game play without proper preparation.

Q: What is the number one attribute that a sports person needs?

A: Mental preparation!

Q: Do you play basketball much in Taipei?

A: I primarily play Street ball here in Taiwan on Thursday and Friday and the civic Boulevard elevated Bridge Court. 

Q: Who is your favorite modern day Basketball Player and why?

A: I actually don’t follow basketball or watch much on TV or have a favorite basketball player. I play so much Basketball, I’m more interested in how sports development can craft the character of an athlete. Athletic’s provide a great compliment to intellectual development. 

Q: What position did you play when you were in College Basketball in the USA?

A: In the United States semi pro leagues I played Power forward, Center, and shooting guard. 

Q: What other sports  do you like apart from Basketball?

A: I love watching Track running events, playing Ping-pong, and I’m a huge video gaming fan! (Destiny 2 Titan 1262 is my current favourite) I mainly practice yoga now for mental, spiritual, and physical development. 

Q: Is there anything else you want to add?

A:I definitely feel blessed to have the opportunity to coach Taiwan’s youth. Taiwan’s athletes are not too far behind from being highly competitive globally in the basketball arena. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to help elevate the basketball game play of the Taiwanese community!

Interview with Varsity Boys Basketball Captain - George

Q: How do you think Varsity Basketball has changed this year?

A: Obviously we have got a new coach, and our team ethos has changed from previous years. I feel like this new coach has brought us more opportunities for all the team to have court time during games.  In previous  years, our coach only spoke in Chinese, which meant it was harder for students at TES who did not speak chinese to be involved in the Varsity Basketball Team.  This coach said he wants to make every player involved in the game. He is not focusing on one player. He is trying to build the whole team together and make sure everyone can play different positions in the game, and I feel like it really helps to develop the whole team togetherness.

Q: How do you feel he’s developed your game personality?

A: Well, coach AK, during the training  works on personal skills, different game situations, it's very different from last year.  Mental Preparation is key to everything he coaches us.  Yoga, skill specific circuits, fitness training, HITT and many more variants of this kind to help us prepare for the matches.

Q: How do you see the future in TES basketball after you leave?

A: There are still a lot of talented JVs and KS3 players.  I'm pretty sure that AK will develop these young athletes. I feel like TES basketball is in good hands after I leave as a Senior this year.

Q: Do you have anything else to share?

A: Overall, I just feel like our team has come together much more than last year. Different players have developed their own specific skills that they can perform on the court during the game, because of AK.