Coming from a mixed German-Taiwanese family, we wanted our daughter to receive a German education while at the same time growing up with Chinese in Taiwan.

Beginning in kindergarten, she profited immensely from the flexible approach to encourage students to pursue their natural curiosity and develop critical thinking.

While progressing further through primary and secondary school, she has also acquired an advanced level of English, which has become a third natural language to her.

By choosing Chinese as her second foreign language within the German curriculum and the IB programme, she was also able to make continued progress in reading and writing Chinese. These language skills and the interaction with teachers and students from a variety of backgrounds have helped her form an open-minded, curious and welcoming approach to anyone she interacts with.

To balance out the workload at school, we are grateful to TES that she also has had the opportunity to pursue her great interest in dancing at an advanced level through the school's CCAs and regular competitions in Taiwan.

With all these skills and her international outlook, we are confident that she is very well prepared once she progresses further to university studies in Germany or elsewhere.